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Loving relationships are what most of us seek, craving the joy that a fulfilling intimate bond with another person affords. Yet, sadly, for many of us, our marriage or intimate partnership offers more pain than bliss, more tension than love, more despair than ecstasy.

Do not despair. If you are what I call a willing spirit, you can transform your relationship! The extramarital affair or betrayal can be the beginning of your marriage recovery, the repair of your relationship.

Marriage enrichment or couple enrichment begins with personal growth. Intimate relationships, if they are to be fulfilling and joyful, require the skills of an adult. One might even say that personal growth is the training ground to develop the communication and intimacy skills needed for true relationship bliss. 

WillingSpirits is a place to learn how to acquire the new skills and develop existing skills that you need to achieve intimacy. You can learn the skills that will keep you in the intimacy zone. 

Personal growth is not a detraction from relationship fulfillment. It is a necessary first step in marriage enrichment and couple intimacy. If you are ready for the love you crave, don't hesitate. Go to Ready for Love now!

You deserve happiness, intimacy and love